Saturday, January 23, 2010


dunno wat tittle.

tis few days reli less msg.
n da feel.
less less less n less.

wat's happen?
cuz the msg?

i still cont my life.
happy always.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Brand New Day.

Early in the morning.
same as usual.
bath, change clothes, hair comb, keep my bag.
then prepare to go down stair.
i pick up my phun n i realize tat i got a msg.
is ur msg.
"Wad time nw!"
huh? i'm blur. why suddenly ask time.
so i straightly call eu.
funny start converstation.
" halo " " halo "
still no respond.
then~~~~ " Wei Wei Wei Wei Wei Wei....."
eu ans," meh si meh si "
then we have a short call.

morning end.

nitex. when i'm ttn.
i reli miss eu badly.
take out my phun.
text eu. " I miss U. "
hahax. so dare to do it.
eu reply mii !!!
"same. xd"
then eu go do revision.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

something tat i did.

12.34 a.m.

i view his blog.
i did something.
i jealous.
but i cnt get tat wat i want to get.
so i juz wan eu get back ur smile.
mayb eu still will cry.
but after sumthing solve. eu will smile.
juz SOLVE it.
both of eu are still love-ing each other wert.
the boy should achieve ur promise.
the girl should gv him last chance.
try to gv each other a chance to continue it.
ur love are VALUABLE.

and i will start to giving up.


Same Mood.

i cnt cheer up myself tis week.
i noe tat eu are unhepi.
eu are busy.
so. less text vf mii.
i'm trying to cheer eu up.
i never care myself mood.
eu happy then i will happy oso.
its normal wert?
everyday. i hv ask ppl to send funny msg to mii.
if dun hv then i will type it by myself.
then send to eu.
for wat?
for ur smile.
juz a second, its enough.

16th JAN.
i hate tis day.
why? cuz i reli unlucky in this day.
i did sumting wrong during work.
get shoot.
then let ppl blame mii dun hv do report when i take beer to customer.

then when i'm moody.
I juz hope tat i can go bek home early.
i wan text vf eu.
after i did wrong thing. i reli cnt act lyk nothing dere.
i dun hv smile to customer today.
i gt serve. but i serve by my moody face.
after work i straightly text eu. (b4 call dad come fetch mii.)
why i will text eu 1st? i blur. i oso dunno why.
automatic did it.

gt ur reply.
then text vf eu.
juz a few msg.
i text eu by short short word today.
cuz i reli no mood.
but eu dint realize it. hahax

i miss eu badly this few days.
i hope tat i can stop it.
but i reli cnt.
anywhere. Gambateh on ur UEC.
same as mii.
then dun keep moody.
dun lose ur smile.
rmb wat i told eu b4?
if 4gt then nvm oso.
cuz tats not important.
Keep Ur Smile.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Mood.

my mood so down recently.
wat happen?
cuz skul day start.
msg less joh.
wait ur msg is too hard.

++ tis year gt a big exam---UEC.
i hv to focus on it.
my sir call mii kick away all the things.
Work, Trouble, Money & LOVE.
i can stop my work.
i can stop making trouble.
i can stop earn money.
i cnt stop LOVE eu.

I miss eu badly.
I love eu deeply.
same lyk wat eu say--- CHISIN.

wateve. if i gt a chance i will catch it.
i wont let it go.
i will done it on 17th FEB 2010.

Hope myself success on it. ^^

Thursday, January 7, 2010

6th Jan. She's single now.

after skul i sms vf her.
i knew tat she break vf jackie.
She told mii.
I worried on her.
call her. but she dont pick up my phun.
she say wan to sleep.
then stop text mii joh.

nitex. i still hvn gt her msg.
damn miss her n worried her.
i found some funny msg n send to her.
hope she will gt a bit well.
she reply mii n say thx to mii.

when i prepare to eat supper.
i call her.
chat vf her.
she's ok now. =)
chat until my phun no money.
so close phun n cont text.

tat time i oni realize my cup mee fat jiong joh.
yiek~ hard to eat.
veri geli.

dunno wat i thinking now.
chase or keep love?
i call sorpoh call jk tum bek her.
am i correct?
I dunno.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1st of 2010.

bout 4 sumting.
i oni finish work. damn tired.
after work we go for BREAKFAST. xD
then i take out my phun i text tat two girl.
the sorpoh reply mii. yeapi.
when we are goin bek.
the sorpoh call mii go fetch her.
i call n confirm. U sure?
go to infi find her. then chat their plan there. okea.
sorpoh n her fren wanna follow mii bek to KW house.
I meet JK there.
My mind suddenly tell mii.
" HengJunPing. How come eu will lose tis boii? IMPOSSIBLE larx."
hahax. i gt sumting lose him. i'm poor.

Sorpoh told mii tat.
the girl argue vf JK. damn serious tim.
OMG. wat can i do worx?
juz try to cheer her up in the morning lorx.

until 7 sumting. the sorpoh keep call my fren fetch her go fu san. swt larx.
both of them hvn sleep ge lorx.
say wan come here sleep worx. tipu.

Wateve. Sorpoh, eu are the 1st girl i will bring to my fren house. hahax.
n i oso dunno why the 1st girl i meet in 2010 is U.
love u fren. ^^